Kegiatan Setelah UTS, Maret 2012

Tanggal : 04/16/2012, 12:46:16, dibaca 446 kali.

Alhamdulillah SDIT Al Qur’an El Fawaz telah menyelesaikan kegiatan UTS (Ujian Tengah Semester) pada tanggal 19 – 22 Maret 2012. Kegiatan ini berjalan dengan lancar dan anak – anak murid pun menjalankannya dengan gembira. Ketika UTS telah berakhir maka kegiatan KBM pun tetap berjalan seperti biasa. Hanya saja kami, pihak SDIT ingin memberikan sebuah rangkaian acara semacam refreshing setelah UTS. Akhirnya setelah bermusyawarah antara kepsek, dewan guru dengan pihak KOMITE, maka rangkaian acara pun berhasil dibuat.

Dimulai pada hari Selasa(27-03-2012), siswa-siswi SDIT Al Qur’an El Fawaz melakukan riyadhoh renang bersama siswa-siswi TKIT Al Qur’an El Fawaz. Kami memilih berenang di kolam renang yang ada di GOR Sumantri, Kuningan. Serunya melihat anak – anak semangat bermain hingga belajar berenang, menambah keseruan acara.

Kemudian pada hari Rabunya, kami mengadaka acara Fun Cooking. Keahlian memasak apa yang bisa dilihat dari murid kelas 1? Ternyata memasak bersama anak – anak, ketika kita arahkan, kita bimbing, kegiatan memasak ini menjadi mengasyikkan. Hari itu kami memasak bakwan goreng. Anak – anak dibentuk menjadi beberapa kelompok, dan beradu memasak antar kelompok. Tentunya dengan bantuan serta pengawasan dari para guru dan pihak sekolah selama kegiatan fun cooking ini berlangsung.

Keseruan belum berhenti sampai disitu. Hari Kamis(28-03-2012), kegiatan ba’da UTS dilanjutkan dengan jaulah / kunjungan silaturahim ke rumah salah satu siswi SDIT kami yaitu Naila Shabira. Apa tujuannya? Mengajarkan kepada para siswa/i untuk silaturahim ke rumah temannya untuk lebih mengenal lebih dalam sosok temannya, Naila. Anak – anak pun berjalan dengan tertib membentuk barisan selama perjalanan, baik perjalanan saat pergi maupun pulang. Bingkisan yang diberikan tuan rumah, menambah kesenangan anak – anak.

Dan terakhir, serangkaian acara ini ditutup dengan riyadhoh futsal. Ternyata anak – anak pun sangat senang bermain futsal dengan tentunya dibagi menjadi 2 kelompok dan bertanding melawan kelompok temannya itu. Kelompok yang menjadi pemenang adalah kelompoknya Zufar dkk. Walaupun kelompok yang kalah belum bisa menerima kekalahannya, namun setidaknya perlahan mereka belajar untuk berusaha menjadi no.1

Rangkaian demi rangkaian acara telah kami laksanakan. Kesenangan duniawi telah kami dapatkan, tapi kesenangan akhirat pun tidak kami lupakan. Karena setiap hari interaksi dengan Al Qur’an tetap menjadi prioritas bagi kami. Hafalan demi hafalan terus ditingkatkan, kecintaan terhadap Al Qur’an terus kami tumbuhkan dengan tujuan agar kami kelak dapat mencapai kesuksesan dunia – akhirat. Aamiin..(MS)

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Pengirim : RTOzWBQe -  []  Tanggal : 11/02/2014
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Pengirim : EAh0WlVHaUVQ -  []  Tanggal : 29/11/2013
But... since Muslims were Hitler\'s allies<a href=\"\"> dnirug</a> WW II, this should mean that they support Wilders?Of course, Islam enshrined Irrationalism as the core of its creed around 1100 AD when they decided that Allah\'s behavior cannot be predicted IN ANY WAY... meaning that their deity was anti-Reason incarnate.Inshallah fatalism is the daily demonstration of this diseased mindset.So, Wilders is \"Hitler\".Islam supported Hitler.Thus Muslims do not support Wilders.Sheer frikkin\' Mohammedan madness.As usual.The ultimate aim of this Koranic Death Cult (you try to leave, they kill you) is all I care about.And it is a Global Theocratic Gulag based on Terror.To that I say: Up yours, eternally!.

Pengirim : WS6pY2i6Ut0B -  []  Tanggal : 29/11/2013
Not long ago in Britain (during the last Labour govt)there was much talk about the demise of mtuuicultlralism. The only problem is that mtuuicultlralism is a reality in Britain - Muslims in particular have no intention of adopting the host culture and every intention of maintaining their own. [url=]whbaand[/url] [link=]rjolbiixe[/link]

Pengirim : N1sD3NPS -  []  Tanggal : 29/11/2013
Can I add my own thoughts to this, and that is that my rotfecliens lead me to be really really concerned for Wilders\' safety.Up until this point the Jihadis have just been happily assuming that the Dutch courts would be doing their job for them: silencing Wilders. But as it is gradually emerging that this is not the case, there is an even more compelling reason for them to make an example out of the \"de facto head of the counter-Jihad.\"Yes I know his security staff are excellent. And being surrounded by eight bodyguards is fantastic against a lone nutter with a knife. But useless if the car they are next to is stuffed with TNT.If not Wilders directly, then certainly in the Netherlands, we must brace ourselves for a terrorist outrage or to coincide with the dismissal of this case when it comes. [url=]gdchhdqzp[/url] [link=]jtfidnmmu[/link]

Pengirim : gweaYcc9gjHv -  []  Tanggal : 28/11/2013
As a Canadian following the <a href=\"\">tralis</a> of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, I can now say with some sad authority that all it takes is 60 years for people to forget all that is meaningful or great in a nation. Holland mirrors Canada in that a healthy libertarian (more or less) system can be overtaken by fascist ideologues and corrupted whether its in the name of ending \'racism\' or in Canada especially \'public health\'. Each special interest group creating levers of power as tools for the worst amongst us to grab them and pull. Let\'s hope the courts in Amsterdam are not as cunning as the Canadian \'human rights commissions\' and let Geert off in some manner that diminishes public fury at them while they continue to go after lower profile people and less powerful ones.

Pengirim : EssPRW4s -  []  Tanggal : 26/11/2013
I agree that there are problems in many immilpentateon of internal cost accounting systems. Many companies institute incentives in a way that encourages decisions that result in local optimum, rather than behavior that benefits the organization as a whole. Yet, I find it naive that a system based on everyone collaborating in good faith to help each other will be much better. Sure, in a perfect world everyone would be kind, generous and empathetic.Perhaps the problem is in the overly narrow interpretation of what a customer-provider relationship entails, be the arrangement internal or external to the organization. A good provider doesn\'t position itself as a separate business. He follows the advice of becoming so integrated int he customer\'s enterprise \"that nobody would dream of working with anyone else.\" He also recognizes that the only way for IT projects to succeed is if they are tied to business objectives.Many good points were brought up in the InfoWorld and CIO articles you mentioned. They highlight many issues that are preventing businesses from deriving as much value from IT than it could. At the same time, the solutions they provide could be implemented within a model that incorporates internal cost transfers/chargebacks.

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